Spring has sprung with a new publication!

I am thrilled an honoured to be a contributor to this new issue of Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society. My article, titled Two faces of transitional justice: Theorizing the incommensurability of transitional justice and decolonization in Canada, shares space with beautiful artwork by Lianne Charlie, articles by Kimberly Robertson and  Celeste Pedri-Spade, and reviews by Kam’ayaam/Chachim’multhnii (Cliff Atleo, Jr.) and tobias c. van Veen.

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Another Dark Chapter of History in the Making

History bookYesterday, I contributed a piece to Policy Options – Perspectives on the fierce spotlight that currently shines on those of Muslim faith in Canada. The brief piece takes a look back at Canada’s apologies to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples for residential schools, Japanese Canadians for the internment, and Chinese Canadians for the Head Tax. I reframe the current discussion around the niqab and Barbaric Cultural Practices Act as echoes of Canada’s racist history, rather than as an election topic or conservative campaign strategy.

You can read the full piece here: http://policyoptions.irpp.org/2015/10/04/another-dark-chapter-of-canadian-history-in-the-making/